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Direct Marketing On The Internet From Alameda

Orinda Home Business If you are a network marketer in Alameda or Albany, you probably already use Facebook and Twitter to promote your business. If you are a Orinda person who uses Facebook and Twitter for fun, have you ever considered making money while you interact online?

I use Facebook, Twitter and my Winner’s Circle International online store to sell Xobiotic Squares. I am also generating residual income by building a Orinda direct marketing team.

Network marketing in Orinda is nothing like it was twenty years ago. Distributors were required to sell products in person, often to Alameda friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, you still often need to sell Xocai XoBiotic Squares and Xobiotic Squares in person, the point I want to stress is that you can also do it online, too.

I can show you how to build a successful internet business with Winner’s Circle International.

With your own online store and social networks you can:

  • Find new Xocai XoBiotic Squares customers
  • Run email campaigns
  • Grow your Winner’s Circle International team
  • Communicate with your team members
  • Strengthen Xobiotic Squares brand identity
  • Create a Xocai XoBiotic Squares customer database

I am Derrick Winkel. I live in Alameda, California. I became a Xocai XoBiotic Squares distributor in September 2010. My phone number is 801.437.5984. My team is doing great selling Xobiotic Squares online.

If you would like more information, contact me today.

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Capitalism Is Thriving Online In Alameda

best Alameda home business Have you ever heard this quote: “The person who won’t read is no better off than the person who can’t read?”

I sometimes apply that concept to other things. For example:

“The person who won’t take advantage of free enterprise is no better off than the person who can’t.”

Do you live in a country with a free market? I can show you how to earn a great income wherever you live with a home business. I am a direct marketer that sells Xobiotic Squares and Xocai XoBiotic Squares in Alameda, California and surrounding communities. To take advantage of the best home business opportunity in Alameda, contact me at 801.437.5984.

My Xobiotic Squares business has been growing as my state has been slowly recovering from the global recession. For the past few years, my family’s income has been better than many of my friends and neighbors in the Orinda area. I feel incredibly blessed.

Some of my entrepreneur friends whose businesses failed during 2008 and 2009 have joined my MLM sales team. They have proven that network marketing businesses like my Xobiotic Squares team can grow during financial downturns.

What if you don’t live in a country with a free market? You are not out of luck. I can show you how to make money with an easy Xocai XoBiotic Squares online business.

Capitalism is thriving on the online marketplace. Some call the internet the Great Equalizer. E-commerce blurs or completely erases geographic, political, and cultural boundaries.

If you have reservations about Alameda MLMs, I understand. Let’s get together so we can work through any of the false information you may have encountered. Once you fully understand the process and the product, the negative stereotypes won’t hold you back. There is nothing that boosts confidence and quiets cynics like a growing Alameda home business that generates residual income.

Antioxidant Cacao Advocate Derrick Winkel
Alameda, California

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X Protein Meal Replacement Shake

Canyon Weight-Loss Chocolate Back in the day, most Alameda diets were all about limiting calories. You’ve heard the equation: burn more than you consume. The Orinda medical community now has much more knowledge about the roles of protein, antioxidants, and carbohydrates in weight-loss.

MXI has developed an effective weight-loss protocol around the Xocai X Protein Meal Replacement Shake.

If you love chocolate shakes, this may be the Orinda weight-loss plan that will work for you. In the initial Xocai pilot study of the chocolate shake diet, participants replaced two meals a day with the Xocai Chocolate Shake.

For their ‘real meal’ the participants were instructed to eat a normal, well-balanced meal. The two meal replacement shakes contain all the protein, vitamins and antioxidants you need for the entire day. And, don’t forget, it contains Xocai dark chocolate. The chocolate dieters reported that they had energy, never felt hungry, and, best of all–they lost weight! The first Xocai Weight Loss Trial was an overwhelming success.

Here are some comments from the chocolate diet participants (as reported in the Winter 2011 issue of Prosper Magazine):

“I never felt deprived or grumpy. I felt energy, strength, motivation. I feel healthy!”

“The past 12 weeks have been an emotional journey for me, but I have made a lifestyle change for myself! I know that I will be fit for life with the help of the X Protein Wellness System.”

“The shake allowed me to stay within the guidelines of a healthy eating plan. In 11 weeks, I have lost 47 pounds.”

Some of the dieters lost 30 pounds or more. Have you ever thought of chocolate as a Alameda diet food? The Xocai antioxidant chocolate shake is not a dessert. It has been carefully formulated to nourish your body and help you lose weight. When you have reached your goal weight, you can use the Xocai Meal Replacement Shake to maintain your new svelte self.

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Alameda All-Natural Antioxidant Drink

Orinda All-Natural Meal Replacement Drink Do you have an active Alameda lifestyle? Does your day consist of cooking, cleaning, getting children to their Alameda school and after-school lessons and trying to keep up with the laundry?

Are you a Albany businessman or Alameda businesswoman who spends a lot of time in airports, hotel rooms and rental cars?

Do you work two Canyon jobs trying to keep ahead of the bills? Are you fortunate enough to have discretionary time to pursue hobbies? Are you a full-time Alameda college student who works part time and studies late into the night?

Do you get up at 5:00 to squeeze in a six-mile run before the rest of your Alameda household wakes up? Are you busy searching for a Orinda job? Are you caring for an aging parent, chronically-ill spouse, or special-needs child? Are you a Orinda retiree who unselfishly contributes your time to community humanitarian organizations?

Whew! If any of these descriptions are apt, Xocai’s Activ antioxidant beverage is for you.

Activ combines the wonderful flavors of unprocessed cacao, acai berries, blueberries and concord grapes, leaving you with a lasting, ‘dark-chocolate’ taste. The antioxidant content, or the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Value of Xocai Activ is similar to the other MXI Corp. chocolate products and antioxidant beverages. However, the approach of Activ is slightly different clearly focusing on the ‘All-Natural’ Alameda chocolate lover.

If you are sensitive to artificial colors and flavors, Activ is for you. If you are careful about avoiding chemicals, Activ is for you. If you choose foods that are minimally processed, Activ is for you!

Do you know anyone in Alameda who doesn’t have an active lifestyle? Xocai Activ is the health drink your body is craving. To try the Xocai Activ all-natural beverage, contact me at 801.437.5984 or send me a note from my Contact page.

I recommend Xocai because chocolate molds from Xocai contain acai!.

I love the xocai healthy chocolate!!

Derrick Winkel
Antioxidant Cacao Advocate

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Own Your Business In Alameda

Are you tired of waiting for good things to happen to you? Like the perfect Orinda career opportunity?

Why don’t you go out and make good things happen for yourself? With Xocai Healthy Chocolate, you can quickly build a lucrative Alameda business selling a recession-proof product. Your hard work combined with Xocai’s unique category-creating healthy chocolate is your recipe for prosperity in the Orinda area.

With Xocai weight-loss chocolate, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you start up your own business. (And come to think about it, chocolate is as essential as the wheel–isn’t it?) Ambitious people from all walks of life are creating wealth around the world as well as here in Alameda and Albany with Xocai antioxidant chocolate.

This short video tells you more about the Xocai opportunity and the key elements that guarantee your success: a proprietary product line, sound science, perfect timing, the right management team and a generous compensation plan.

The first step on your path to prosperity in Alameda is calling 801.437.5984 or contacting me at I am Antioxidant Cacao Advocate Derrick Winkel. Xocai dark chocolate (sometimes referred to as New York Times chocolate) is changing my life.

I no longer worry about the global recession because I created my own economic stimulus with Xocai antioxidant chocolate. New California millionaires are being created everyday. You could be next!

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Orinda MLM Success?

Alameda MLM Secrets How do you feel about Albany MLMs? Does the term ‘direct marketing’ conjure up images of Orinda friends pestering you to buy soap?

Perhaps you have a positive view of Alameda MLMs. Maybe you know several Alameda direct marketers who are making a lucrative income selling quality products.

I am Antioxidant Cacao Advocate Derrick Winkel of Alameda. Many of the Canyon business owners in my Xocai business initially had a neutral or negative opinion of Orinda network marketing companies. Why did they change their mind and join the Albany healthy chocolate revolution?

They learned the truth about the Xocai antioxidant chocolate opportunity:

  • Xocai dark chocolate enhances health and there is scientific evidence to prove it
  • MXI corp has exclusive rights to its cold-press technology. In a nutshell – Xocai has No Competition.
  • The Xocai passive income opportunity is legitimate. Xocai publishes the compensation plan right on their website. Visit and compare the Xocai earnings structure to any other plan in the industry.
  • Americans eat, on average, twelve pounds of chocolate a year! (You can eat twelve pounds of Xocai chocolate yearly and improve your health.) You do not need to ‘discover’ a new market – it’s already there.
  • Media reports on the health benefits of chocolate are increasing continually. What does that mean for Alameda Xocai distributors? Free favorable publicity!

      If you have never jumped into the MLM waters, now is the time. You can contact me at 801.437.5984 or I would love to share my Xocai success story with you.
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World’s Record in Armenia!

Orinda MLM Scam The world record for the largest chocolate bar was broken on Sept 13, 2010. Guess where? Armenia! The chocolate bar weighed 9702 pounds (4410 kilograms). I don’t know why the location surprised me; chocolate is loved all over the world just as much as here in Alameda, but if I hadn’t seen the news story I would have guessed Belgium, Switzerland, Japan or Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The Armenians may have created a two-ton candy bar, but Xocai distributors are selling tons of gourmet healthy chocolate in Canyon, Alameda and Albany. If you are new to this Alameda healthy chocolate blog, let me explain why Xocai is healthy. Xocai chocolate is packed with antioxidants which protect your system from free radicals. There is strong evidence that many chronic illnesses prevalent in Alameda are caused by free radical damage. These include arthritis, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and kidney disease. Free radicals also play a role in several types of cancer.

Xocai proudly displays the Brunswick Lab ORAC score on each Alameda healthy chocolate label. The ORAC score is the amount of each type of antioxidant contained in the particular dark chocolate product. Brunswick Laboratories is a non-affiliated commercial lab that measures antioxidants in Albany health foods and Orinda nutritional supplements.

The California Xocai chocolate collection includes chocolate cookies, solid chocolate, chocolate protein bars, the chocolate weight-loss shake, hot cocoa and a chocolate energy drink.

If you are a Alameda chocolate cookie muncher, a Canyon energy drink pounder, a Alameda chocolate protein bar eater, or a Albany hot cocoa sipper, Xocai has an antioxidant chocolate product for you. If you are interested in selling Xocai antioxidant chocolate in Orinda, contact me today.

  • Antioxidant Cacao Advocate Derrick Winkel
  • Alameda, California
  • 801.437.5984
  • Xobiotic Squares
  • Xocai XoBiotic Squares
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Reduce Stroke Risk With Chocolate

Heart Healthy Chocolate If you have been following my Orinda healthy chocolate blog, you know that I sell sell Xocai antioxidant chocolate in Alameda. Xocai chocolate is a revolutionary health food. That’s right, I said Health Food. If you are skeptical about Xocai’s health claims, check this out.

Recently, ran a story about stroke risk and chocolate consumption. Here is an excerpt from the story:

Yet another health benefit has been linked to eating chocolate: It may decrease your risk of stroke, a new study suggests. The analysis, which will be presented in April at the American Academy of Neurology’s 62nd Annual Meeting, reviewed the results of three previous studies. One study with more than 44,000 participants found that those who ate a weekly serving of chocolate were 22 percent less likely to suffer a stroke than those who ate no chocolate.

This article refers to a legitimate scientific study that used over 44,000 participants! And this is only one of the many studies that are attracting attention in Canyon. Do a quick Google search and you will see reports on a multitude of studies.

Chocolate with a high percentage of cacao powder, such as Xocai antioxidant chocolate, is the type of chocolate that is most beneficial. And no chocolate product available in Orinda has a higher percentage of cacao than Xocai.

How do you like your chocolate? As a bar? As a drink? As a cookie? Xocai has an antioxidant chocolate product for you. Xocai Nuggets, Xocai Omega Squares, Powerhouse Cookies, Xocai Protein Bars, Xocai Xobiotic Squares, and Xocai Activ are just a few of the products available to Canyon, Alameda and Albany chocolate lovers and supplement customers alike.

To order chocolate that can reduce your risk of stroke, call 801.437.5984 or send a note from my Contact Us page.

-See ya

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Feel Great In Alameda With Healthy Chocolate

Real people with real health problems are discovering the benefits of regularly consuming Xocai antioxidant chocolate. Rachel Murdock was able to change her health for the better after eating Xocai healthy chocolate with acai berries for just a few months. Learn how Xocai healthy chocolate has allowed Rachel (diabetic, chronic-fatigue sufferer and cancer survivor) to obtain and maintain a significantly higher quality of life.

What can Xocai healthy chocolate do for you in Alameda? Are you struggling with health problems similar to those Rachel has dealt with?

Did you ever imagine that health and vitality could be achieved by eating antioxidant chocolate?

Perhaps you need an income boost in Canyon or Alameda more than you need an health boost. Perhaps you are interested in a flexible work schedule that will allow you to pursue your interests. Orinda Xocai weight loss chocolate distributors love the freedom of running their own business–that is the MLM secret that skeptics don’t understand. Of course selling and eating chocolate is a tough job; but someone has to do it!

I’m Derrick Winkel. Contact me at 801.437.5984 to try Xocai dark chocolate or learn about becoming an independent Xocai distributor in Alameda.

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